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The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 38: Milwaukee Brewers OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis

This week David and James talk with Kirk Nieuwenhuis of the Milwaukee Brewers. Kirk discusses why he plays so much better in Milwaukee, whether or not the Ryan Braun trade rumors are being discussed in the locker room and much more. The guys also talk about the controversy surrounding Yankees prospect Clint Frazier, Garrett Richards latest setback, Derek Jeter's bid to buy the Marlins and a plethora of other topics. And of course, Jackass of the Week.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 37: MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent and 2017 MLB predictions

Baseball is finally here and the guys are kicking it off by talking to a man who ran the show, former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent. Fay discusses how to get children more involved in baseball, the suspension of Mets closer Jeurys Familia, gambling on pro sports and a whole lot more. It's one of our favorite interviews. Later, DA and the Greek dust off their crystal balls and look at the 2017 season? Who will win each division? Who will win the World Series? And who will take home some hardware as MVP, Cy Young and Manager of the Year? 


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 36: How to build a Major League franchise.

This week David and James discuss the ideal way to build a Major League Baseball franchise. Do you start with pitching or hitting? Plus, David's latest effort to find a job, whether or not Tinder is revolutionizing professional sports, the return of "Jackass of the Week" and a whole lot more.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 35: Braves pitcher Kris Medlen and Brent Pourciau co-host the show plus an interview with Padres utility man Christian Bethancourt

Braves pitcher Kris Medlen and Brent Pourciau of Top Velocity crash the show and it goes in strange directions. The topics range from naked ballplayers to possible sex toys. This episode has a little bit of everything. Plus, an interview with one of the most fascinating players in spring training Christian Bethancourt of the Padres. It's a show unlike anything DA and the Greek have done before.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 34: Nationals RP Shawn Kelley and “Are You Smarter Than a Reliever”

DA and the Greek discuss whether or Padres utility man Christian Bethancourt is King Kong. Then they make a call to the bullpen and have a fun conversation with Nationals relief pitcher Shawn Kelley. Shawn talks about whether or not he wants to be the Nats closer this season, the inside scoop on Bryce Harper and a whole lot more. Plus, an unlikely "Jackass of the Week" and a tightly contested "Are You Smarter Than a Reliever."


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 33: HOF’er Tom Glavine

This week the boys welcome HOF pitcher Tom Glavine to the show. Glavine talks about his progression as a pitcher, his old pitching coach Leo Mazzone and if he's going to pull a Tebow/Commings and switch sports. James and DA also talk about Red Sox SP David Price's potential injury, some of the ways Commissioner Manfred is trying to change the game and whether or not Tim Tebow really has the desire needed to be a major leaguer.  Plus, the introduction of a new segment, 5 things with Seth McClung.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 32: Washington Nationals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie

The New York Yankees started badmouthing Dellin Betances and his representatives after their arbitration hearing much to the surprise of David Aardsma. DA breaks down the arbitration process and discusses the comments made by Randy Levine and the Yankees organization. Later, James the Greek and DA talk about the new intentional walk rule put in place by the commissioner. Will it actually make a difference in the pace of play problem? Then it's time for this week's interview with Nationals pitcher and sneaker aficionado Jeremy Guthrie. Jeremy talks about his career path, his former teammate Eric Hosmer and his love of Air Jordan's. And of course, no episode would be complete without declaring a "Jackass of the Week."


This week DA and James deliver a bonus video segment on They discuss which teams are on the rise and who will fall in 2017.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 31: Is Sanders Commings the next Deion Sanders?

This week DA and the Greek talk to former Kansas City Chiefs CB Sanders Commings. Sanders is trying to make the transition from the NFL to MLB. Hear how Sanders journey to the big leagues got started. Later, DA and the Greek talk about whether or not Mets SP Noah Syndergaard stole David's offseason workout regiment. Plus, no matter what your political views may be, you must admit that President Donald Trump is worthy of being this week's "Jackass of the Week." Find out why!


Make sure you go to for bonus material. This week James and DA do a video broadcast regarding the Braves aqcusition of 2B Brandon Phillips. 


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 30: Are the Yankees hacking DA? Plus, baseball historian Ed Randall

Are the Yankees listening to the show and stealing DA's ideas? Are the Marlins being sold? Plus, baseball historian ED Randall joins the show? Ed shares stories from his many years covering the game. If you love the history of the game this episode is a can't miss. 

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The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 29: DA’s pitching showcase and HOF’er Fergie Jenkins

The big day is finally here! After months of talking about it, DA threw in front of scouts in an attempt to get back on the mound. Did his hard work pay off? DA will take you through the nerveracking 24 hours leading up to his pitching showcase in Arizona. Later the guys talk with one of the greatest pitchers to ever hit the rubber, the Hall of Famer, Fergie Jenkins. Fergie talks about the Cubs, his love for sports and whole lot more. If you love the history of the game this is a can't miss interview.