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Cardinals SP Adam Wainwright and MLB Free agent predictions

The hot stove is scorching! This week James and DA take a look at their top five free agents and predict where they will end up and how rich they'll be when the ink dries. Plus there are a couple of excellent players available via trade, White Sox 1B Jose Abreu and Marlins OF Giancarlo Stanton. Will they be traded and if so where do they end up?

Later, DA welcomes Adam Wainwright to the show. Waino is one of the most fascinating players the guys have ever interviewed. Find out what Wainwright wants to do after he hangs them up. His answer may surprise you.

Plus, James admits that he'd cut off part of his anatomy for a specific job.


HOF hopeful Luis Tiant and did Paul Goldschmidt get screwed out of the MVP?

The MVP awards have been announced and the guys are extremely upset about the results. Did Paul Goldschmidt get screwed out of the award because of the market he plays in? Can you be the MVP if youre on a losing team?

This week David Aardsma and James the Greek talk to former Indians and Red Sox great Luis Tiant. Is this the year that Tiant is voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame? Tiant talks about his life, his struggles and whether or not he belongs in the hall.

Later the guys talk about Rob Manfred's decision to appoint a special committee to look into whether or not the balls are juiced. 


Free agent relief pitcher Brandon Morrow plus Scott Eyre talks about his former teammate Roy Halladay

David Aardsma and James the Greek deliver a jampacked edition of The Bullpen with DA! 

DA begins the show talking about the legacy of former MLBPA head Marvin Miller and whether or not he deserves to be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Later, James and David talk about the passing of Roy Halladay and welcome in Roy's former teammate Scott Eyre. Scott talks about the type of teammate Halladay was and why he should be a shining example to all young players.

Then the guys talk with free agent reliever Brandon Morrow. Brandon talks about his career, his future and why Justin Turner should've been a finalist for NL MVP. 


World Series review and DA starts a Go Fund Me to boot Kyrie Irving off the planet.

The season is over and the Houston Astros are the World Series champions! DA and the Greek talk about the series and why the Astros are a special group of players. Plus, did the Dodgers get robbed of a title by Major League Baseball?

Later Aardsma and James decide to start a Go Fund Me page to get Kyrie Irving into outer space.

Plus, is Shohei Otani really coming to the states next season? He says he wants to come but their may be forces keeping him in Japan.

Also, is signing Justin Upton to an extension a good move by the Angels? Who would you rather have? Jay Bruce or Justin Upton?  


Yankees play by play John Sterling and why the Cubs fell short

The Yankees let go of manager Joe Girardi. James and DA talk to Yankees play by play man John Sterling and get his thoughts on Girardi's dismissal.

They also talk about some of the advantages that they have over other rebuilding franchises. Plus, James has a plan to get Aaron Judge to appear on the show but will DA's ego allow the plan to go into effect?

The guys also discuss why the Cubs fell short in their quest for back to back World Series titles. Will the Cubs look to deal Kyle Schwarber?

Also, are bullpens to close to fans? Does MLB need to address this situation?


RP Joe Nathan joins the show plus a discussion about MLB expansion

This week James and DA start the show talking about the theft of Ken Griffey Jr's bat from his statue in front of Safeco Field and how they heard the news.

Later, the guys discuss the 2-3-2 playoff format and whether or not it's fair for the team with home field advantage. They also talk about whether or not MLB should expand and what markets should get an MLB franchise.

Then long time Twins reliever Joe Nathan joins the show. Joe talks about how difficult it was for him to hang them up, his one day contract with the Twins, Ron Gardenhire joining the Tigers and a whole lot more.

DA and James also talk about whether or not Carlos Beltran is a HOF'er and what hat he would wear in Cooperstown.


Relief pitcher Lee Smith and why DA dislikes Indians SP Trevor Bauer

This week DA and James talk about how bad they felt for Indians fans after their team was beaten by the New York Yankees in the ALDS. The only positive the guys took away from the loss was that Trevor Bauer doesn't have a chance a World Series ring. DA then explains why he has such disdain for the Indians starter.

Then one of the greatest relievers in the history of the game, Lee Smith joins the show. Lee talks about the first time he met DA and what he saw in David as a young pitcher. He also discusses the evolution of the relief pitcher, why he's not in the Hall of Fame and whether or not he'd take a knee during the national anthem.

Later, James offers to start a support group for Washington fans and what the Nationals can do to get over the hump. 



The Greek god of walks Kevin Youkilis and divisional series predictions

This week DA and James begin the show by breaking down the Wild Card games and discuss whether or not it's possible to make the Wild Card round a 3 game series.

Then the Greek god of walks Kevin Youkilis joins the show. Youk gives his unique perspective on his former team, the Boston Red Sox, and his current team, the Chicago Cubs.

Later, Aardsma and the Greek give their predictions on the divisional round of the MLB playoffs.


Cy Young winner Brandon Webb plus 2017 MLB season recap

DA starts off the show talking about the Ducks loss in the Atlantic League championship series. He also talked about why he had such a rough time with travel during that series.

Later, the guys look back at the 2017 regular season and how badly they did in terms of their predictions.

Then they are joined by Diamondbacks pregame and postgame host and former Cy Young winner Brandon Webb. Brandon talks about his career, the current D'backs squad, whether or not Paul Goldschmidt will win the MVP and Zack Greinke's refusal to sign autographs.


Finally, James and DA get into a heated exchange about the scandal in the NCAA and whether or not amateur athletes should be paid while they are in college.  


MLB Network analyst Carlos Pena joins the show plus the Pat Neshek v Zack Greinke feud

This week DA and James start the show talking about how DA felt walking into the Yankees locker room as a member of the media. Was he intimidated or was it business as usual?

Then they talked about the incredibly close NL wild card race and why the Cardinals always seem to be contenders even when the rest of the world counts them out.

Later, former all star first baseman and current MLB Network analyst Carlos Pena joins the show. Carlos talks about leadership, the movie "Moneyball" and a whole lot more.

Finally, David and the Greek talk about Rockies RP Pat Neshek's pursuit of a Zack Grienke autographed baseball card.