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Is DA trading in his cleats for wingtips and the case of the pervy sports agent

Is DA's career officially over? Is he going to be wearing a suit and tie from now on? The guys discuss what the future holds for them and whether or not the podcast will continue.

Then they discuss some of the biggest news coming from an ice cold hot stove. The Mets reacquire a familiar face and what that means for the future of the organization. Are the Mets a good organization and if not are the Astros the new template for organizational excellence?

Are we headed for a strike or a lockout in 4 years when the collective bargaining agreement is up? James the Greek believes he has the answer.

Plus, the case of the perverted sports agent and what DA would do if his agent abused his trust. 


The most entertaining man in baseball Tim Dillard and is the Hot Stove finally heating up

Is the hot stove finally starting to heat up? There are reports that Eric Hosmer has two 7 year deals on the table. Is he headed to San Diego or will he stay in KC? DA talks about the decision facing Hosmer.

The Red Sox are trying to acquire JD Martinez but are only offering a 5 year deal. Will that get it done? Is he the best fit for the Red Sox?

Later, Tim Dillard a pitcher for the Brewers organization joins the show and talks about his career and his unique social media videos! Check out his stuff on instagram and Twitter @DimTillard. We guarantee you'll laugh.

Plus, Why is DA furious at the Mets organization?


Curt Schilling returns to the show and Wade Davis is on the move

Stud closer Wade Davis is on the move! Davis has agreed to terms with the Colorado Rockies on a 3 year deal that gives him the highest per season salary for a closer in MLB history. James and DA discuss the move and what it means for the Rockies and his former team, the Chicago Cubs.

Then the guys look at all the Hall of Fame ballots that have been made public. Are the "Steroid Guys" getting in? This could be one of the largest Hall of Fame classes of all time. 

This week's guest Curt Schilling talks about his HOF chances, why his political views are affecting his stock, his thoughts on his former colleague Aaron Boone becoming the new Yankees manager and a whole lot more.

Plus the guys discuss their top 5 stories of 2017 and yes Tim Tebow is part of it.


Former closer Billy Wagner and Are You Smarter Than a Reliever

The Rays have done the unthinkable and traded the face of their franchise, 3B Evan Longoria. Was this the right move for the Rays? What are the Giants getting in Longo? DA and James discuss all the aspects of this trade.

Later, they talk about Christian Yellich and whether or not he should want to leave Miami.

Then HOF hopeful Billy Wagner joins the show. Billy talks about how difficult it is to gain support for the HOF if you're a reliever and why he should get in.

Plus, superfan Carla joins the show and challenges DA in "Are You Smarter Than A Reliever." If Carla beats DA, James has to support Edgar Martinez' bid to join the ranks of the immortals in the Baseball Hall of Fame.



Dat Dude BP, Brandon Phillips, joins the show and can James save baseball with Greekonomics?

Giancarlo Stanton's trade to the NY Yankees have some people really upset. Why were the Yankees able to acquire the current NL MVP for pracically nothing? Simply put, it's because the economic system in MLB is broken. James thinks that he has the answer to Major League Baseball's problems with a system he calls Greekonomics.

Plus, while the boys were on the subject of financial instability, DA and James discuss the disgraceful situation with the other NY team.

Then the guys are joined by one of the most entertaining players in all of baseball, Dat Dude BP, Brandon Phillips. Brandon talks about his career, the way he has been able to promote himself through social media and a whole lot more.

Later Aardsma and the Greek talk about the injury to Shohei Ohtani and whether or not the Japanese superstar is destined for Tommy John surgery.

Finally, James continues the Christmas tradition he established last year and delivers "A Very Aardsma Christmas part 2."


Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani shock the world

This might've been the most interesting week of hot stove baseball that the world has ever seen. The reigning National league MVP leaves South Beach and takes his talents to the Big Apple. How did the Yankees pull off this deal and are they done for the offseason? James and DA share their thoughts on the trade that very few people thought would happen.

Sirius XM's Craig Mish has been all over the Giancarlo Stanton news since the trade rumors started in late July. Craig talks about new Marlin owner Derek Jeter's involvement in these negotiations or lack there of and gives us a sneak peak into the world of a reporter when big stories like this are happening. 

If that wasn't enough, Japanese superstar pitcher and hitter Shohei Ohtani has made his decision on where he will be playing in 2018 and it's not the destination most industry experts predicted. Ohtani is headed to Anaheim to join the undisputed King of Diamonds, Mike Trout. How will Angels skipper Mike Scioscia a player that not only pitches but can hit? Damned if we know but Aardsma and the Greek will take their best shot at guessing.

Plus, James and DA's annual HOF voting spectacular. Who would they vote in to Cooperstown? Their thoughts on the subject may surprise you.  


Giants SP Matt Moore and the Yankees shocking decision to hire Aaron Boone

This week David Aardsma and James the Greek make a listeners dream come true! A few months back we held a contest where the winner would get to interview a player from their favorite team. A lifelong Giants fan, Ryan, won that contest and gets to interview starting pitcher Matt Moore.

Moore talks about growing up in Japan, his favorite player growing up and a whole lot more.

The guys also discuss whether or not the NY Yankees made the right move by hiring ESPN analyst and former Yankees 3B Aaron Boone as their new skipper.

Plus, should the BWAA continue to be the only group with a Hall of Fame vote?


Cardinals SP Adam Wainwright and MLB Free agent predictions

The hot stove is scorching! This week James and DA take a look at their top five free agents and predict where they will end up and how rich they'll be when the ink dries. Plus there are a couple of excellent players available via trade, White Sox 1B Jose Abreu and Marlins OF Giancarlo Stanton. Will they be traded and if so where do they end up?

Later, DA welcomes Adam Wainwright to the show. Waino is one of the most fascinating players the guys have ever interviewed. Find out what Wainwright wants to do after he hangs them up. His answer may surprise you.

Plus, James admits that he'd cut off part of his anatomy for a specific job.


HOF hopeful Luis Tiant and did Paul Goldschmidt get screwed out of the MVP?

The MVP awards have been announced and the guys are extremely upset about the results. Did Paul Goldschmidt get screwed out of the award because of the market he plays in? Can you be the MVP if youre on a losing team?

This week David Aardsma and James the Greek talk to former Indians and Red Sox great Luis Tiant. Is this the year that Tiant is voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame? Tiant talks about his life, his struggles and whether or not he belongs in the hall.

Later the guys talk about Rob Manfred's decision to appoint a special committee to look into whether or not the balls are juiced. 


Free agent relief pitcher Brandon Morrow plus Scott Eyre talks about his former teammate Roy Halladay

David Aardsma and James the Greek deliver a jampacked edition of The Bullpen with DA! 

DA begins the show talking about the legacy of former MLBPA head Marvin Miller and whether or not he deserves to be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Later, James and David talk about the passing of Roy Halladay and welcome in Roy's former teammate Scott Eyre. Scott talks about the type of teammate Halladay was and why he should be a shining example to all young players.

Then the guys talk with free agent reliever Brandon Morrow. Brandon talks about his career, his future and why Justin Turner should've been a finalist for NL MVP.