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RP Joe Nathan joins the show plus a discussion about MLB expansion

This week James and DA start the show talking about the theft of Ken Griffey Jr's bat from his statue in front of Safeco Field and how they heard the news.

Later, the guys discuss the 2-3-2 playoff format and whether or not it's fair for the team with home field advantage. They also talk about whether or not MLB should expand and what markets should get an MLB franchise.

Then long time Twins reliever Joe Nathan joins the show. Joe talks about how difficult it was for him to hang them up, his one day contract with the Twins, Ron Gardenhire joining the Tigers and a whole lot more.

DA and James also talk about whether or not Carlos Beltran is a HOF'er and what hat he would wear in Cooperstown.


Relief pitcher Lee Smith and why DA dislikes Indians SP Trevor Bauer

This week DA and James talk about how bad they felt for Indians fans after their team was beaten by the New York Yankees in the ALDS. The only positive the guys took away from the loss was that Trevor Bauer doesn't have a chance a World Series ring. DA then explains why he has such disdain for the Indians starter.

Then one of the greatest relievers in the history of the game, Lee Smith joins the show. Lee talks about the first time he met DA and what he saw in David as a young pitcher. He also discusses the evolution of the relief pitcher, why he's not in the Hall of Fame and whether or not he'd take a knee during the national anthem.

Later, James offers to start a support group for Washington fans and what the Nationals can do to get over the hump. 



The Greek god of walks Kevin Youkilis and divisional series predictions

This week DA and James begin the show by breaking down the Wild Card games and discuss whether or not it's possible to make the Wild Card round a 3 game series.

Then the Greek god of walks Kevin Youkilis joins the show. Youk gives his unique perspective on his former team, the Boston Red Sox, and his current team, the Chicago Cubs.

Later, Aardsma and the Greek give their predictions on the divisional round of the MLB playoffs.


Cy Young winner Brandon Webb plus 2017 MLB season recap

DA starts off the show talking about the Ducks loss in the Atlantic League championship series. He also talked about why he had such a rough time with travel during that series.

Later, the guys look back at the 2017 regular season and how badly they did in terms of their predictions.

Then they are joined by Diamondbacks pregame and postgame host and former Cy Young winner Brandon Webb. Brandon talks about his career, the current D'backs squad, whether or not Paul Goldschmidt will win the MVP and Zack Greinke's refusal to sign autographs.


Finally, James and DA get into a heated exchange about the scandal in the NCAA and whether or not amateur athletes should be paid while they are in college.  


MLB Network analyst Carlos Pena joins the show plus the Pat Neshek v Zack Greinke feud

This week DA and James start the show talking about how DA felt walking into the Yankees locker room as a member of the media. Was he intimidated or was it business as usual?

Then they talked about the incredibly close NL wild card race and why the Cardinals always seem to be contenders even when the rest of the world counts them out.

Later, former all star first baseman and current MLB Network analyst Carlos Pena joins the show. Carlos talks about leadership, the movie "Moneyball" and a whole lot more.

Finally, David and the Greek talk about Rockies RP Pat Neshek's pursuit of a Zack Grienke autographed baseball card.


Former A’s SP Mark Mulder and the end of the streak

James and DA start the show discussing an interesting "injury" that Aardsma suffered in college. Instead of going blind he just couldn't pitch.

Then the guys discussed the end of the Indians amazing winning streak. Are they in a better or worse position to win the World Series and is Corey Kluber the best pitcher in the world today?

Later, Mark Mulder joins the show and talks about the similarities between the 2002 Oakland A's and the Indians, his thoughts on the Jemelle Hill situation at ESPN and the gruesome injury he suffered when he signed with the Angels.

Plus, "Jackass of the Week!"


Former SP Mike Hampton joins the show plus are the Indians getting too hot

The Indians are scorching hot but is their streak coming at the wrong time? Is it a good thing that the Dodgers are losing games now? David Aardsma and James the Greek discuss how these streaks can affect teams come October. Then the guys discuss cheating in baseball. Has DA ever cheated? His answers might surprise you.

Later Mike Hampton joins the show. Mike talks about his career and comments that he made years ago about the school system in Colorado.

Plus, who should be this years NL MVP? James and DA weigh in on what should be a close race.

Finally, is DA setting up James to be an accomplice in future crimes?


Former Indians DH Travis Hafner. Plus the Tigers get busy at the trade deadline.

The Detroit Tigers made some massive moves before the deadline, trading Justin Verlander to the Houston Astros and Justin Upton to the Los Angeles Angels. David Aardsma and James the Greek break down these moves and discuss how they could impact the American League pennant race.

Later the welcome former Indians DH and member of the Bullpen with DA fantasy Football league, Travis Hafner. Travis talks about growing up in a small town, playing with some of the best players of his generation and how he started playing fantasy football league.
Plus, is the outfield shift going away? DA thinks this is just the beginning!

Tommy John joins the show plus DA’s thoughts on the big Yankees v Tigers brawl

This week James and DA talk about the epic brawl between the Yankees and Tigers. Who was to blame for the fight? Were some of the suspensions warranted?

Later on James asks DA how MLB players stay motivated during the dog days of August if they know their team isnt going anywhere? How important is leadership if you know you aren't going to the postseason? DA shares a story about a player who was viewes as leader but didn't know how to do the job.

In this week's interview DA and James welcome the great Tommy John to the show. Tommy discusses TJ surgery, underwear, George Steinbrenner and why he's not in the Hall of Fame. This one is a must listen.

Finally, James lays down a challenge to the man he believes is the Devil, Lenny Dykstra. The Greek gives Lenny an open invite to join the show for a "chat."


Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly and lots of Giancarlo Stanton talk.

Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton is crushing HR's but will he reach the magical number of 61? Will he be a Marlin in 2018? What's the real HR record 61 or 73? David Aardsma and James the Greek go back and forth on all of these questions.

Later, Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly joins the show. The guys get his take on the drama with David Price, who the leaders in that Boston clubhouse are and whether or not the Sox are getting the respect they deserve.

Finally, Is the NFLPA listening to The Bullpen with DA? James certainly thinks so.