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Indians talk with Jensen Lewis and MLB trade speculation.

DA welcomes his friend and former workout partner Jensen Lewis to the show. The former reliever and Emmy award winning broadcaster discusses all things Indians. Will the tribe make a trade to help them get back to the World Series? 

James and DA also discuss the trades made last week and some that could be happening soon.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 52: The one year anniversary spectacular with LaTroy Hawkins and John Hansen

One full year of shows are in the books. James and DA decide to bring on two of our favorite guests, LaTroy Hawkins and fantasyguru's John Hansen for some great baseball talk and a bit of hilarity.

The boys also discuss whether or not Aaron Judge is really the face of baseball, the Jose Quintana trade and much more.

Plus David and James look back on some of the predictions they made before the season and evaluate their prognosticating skills. 


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 51: John Wetteland

DA welcomes his good friend and former pitching coach John Wetteland to the show. John talks about being a former major league closer, mentoring the great Mariano Rivera and shares stories from the bullpen.

David and James also discuss the MLB all star selections, the controversy surrounding Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen and whether or not Logan Morrison has a legitimate gripe about not being asked to participate in the homerun derby.

Later they discuss umpire Angel Hernandez' lawsuit against MLB. DA explains why he is not a fan of Angel Hernandez and whether or not there is any merit to the lawsuit. 


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 50: WFAN reporter Sweeny Murti

This week David catches up with one of the finest reporters in the business, WFAN's Sweeny Murti. Sweeny talks about the newest member of the Yankees, Clint Frazier, the mood in the locker room and a whole lot more.

The guys also discuss:

The situation with Cubs catcher Miguel Montero and what it means to be a good teammate.

David Price v Dennis Eckersley

The trade market and more.




The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 49: 2006 AL MVP Justin Morneau

This week Aardsma talks with 2006 AL MVP Justin Morneau. Justin shares his thoughts on Joe Mauer, Ron Gardenhire, his former adversary Mark Buehrle and a whole lot more.

The guys also discuss Kyle Schwarber and whether or not the Cubs should trade him. What kind of player would the Cubs need to get in order to let go of the young slugger.

Why the Dodgers built their team correctly and of course, "Jackass of the Week!"


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 48: Larry King

This week DA and James have the privilege to interview legendary broadcaster and Dodgers superfan Larry King. Larry talks about his son Chance being selected by the White Sox in the 2017 MLB Draft, his love for the Dodgers and a whole lot more.

The guys also discuss the Astros and Yankees struggles, Daniel Murphy's issues with umpires and whether or not people should still support Pete Rose's bid for entry into the baseball Hall of Fame.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 47: Ode to Stupidity

Stupidity is running rampant in the world of sports. This week James and DA discuss some of the more baffling situations going on. From MLB public relations to a Hall of Famer putting his foot in his mouth, there's lots to discuss.

Plus, DA's youngest son is Jackass of the Week?


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 46: 2017 All Star Ballot and Are You Smarter Than a Reliever

This week James and DA fill out their All Star ballots. Who made it and who got snubbed?

The guys also discuss ESPN's World Fame 100 and why there wasn't a single baseball player on the list. Is MLB doing enough to promote individual players?

Plus, David tries to continue his dominance in "Are You Smarter Than a Reliever?"


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 45: 11x Gold Glove winner Omar Vizquel

This week James and DA have the pleasure to interview one of the best defensive players in the history of the game, Omar Vizquel. The 11x gold glover discusses defense, his career goals and whether or not he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Aardsma and the Greek also discuss the career of Albert Pujols as he approaches 600 HR's, possible 40/40 candidates and the Yankees fleecing their fans!


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 44: Former Yankees SP David Wells

Former Yankees starting pitcher David Wells joins DA and James to discuss his career and some of the hot topics in baseball. Boomer talks about Derek Jeter, George Steinbrenner, pitching a perfect game while hung over and even has some advice for Mets party animal Matt Harvey.

The guys also discuss whether or not Derek Jeter is overrated and who the most overrated players are in the game today. Plus is Jose Bautista a jerk, a great showman or somewhere in between. Aardsma weighs in on his former teammates antics. All that and Jackass of the Week!