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The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 46: 2017 All Star Ballot and Are You Smarter Than a Reliever

This week James and DA fill out their All Star ballots. Who made it and who got snubbed?

The guys also discuss ESPN's World Fame 100 and why there wasn't a single baseball player on the list. Is MLB doing enough to promote individual players?

Plus, David tries to continue his dominance in "Are You Smarter Than a Reliever?"


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 45: 11x Gold Glove winner Omar Vizquel

This week James and DA have the pleasure to interview one of the best defensive players in the history of the game, Omar Vizquel. The 11x gold glover discusses defense, his career goals and whether or not he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Aardsma and the Greek also discuss the career of Albert Pujols as he approaches 600 HR's, possible 40/40 candidates and the Yankees fleecing their fans!


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 44: Former Yankees SP David Wells

Former Yankees starting pitcher David Wells joins DA and James to discuss his career and some of the hot topics in baseball. Boomer talks about Derek Jeter, George Steinbrenner, pitching a perfect game while hung over and even has some advice for Mets party animal Matt Harvey.

The guys also discuss whether or not Derek Jeter is overrated and who the most overrated players are in the game today. Plus is Jose Bautista a jerk, a great showman or somewhere in between. Aardsma weighs in on his former teammates antics. All that and Jackass of the Week! 


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 43: Ken Griffey Jr. is back!

The best baseball player in the world, Ken Griffey Jr., is back on The Bullpen with DA! Junior talks about Lonzo Ball, the Matt Harvey situation, Adam Jones and the racist fans in Boston, The Simpsons and a whole lot more. If you're a fan of Griffey's this is a can't miss episode.

James and DA also discuss the Matt Harvey situation and what Matt should've said to his teammates behind closed doors. Then DA reminisces about the time he was Derek Jeter's locker mate. 


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 42: Cy Young winner Eric Gagne

This week DA and James talk to former Cy Young winner Eric Gagne. Eric is on the comeback trail and has joined DA in the bullpen of the Long Island Ducks. Eric talks about his record breaking saves streak, whether or not a reliever should win the Cy Young and how his life was affected by being named in the Mitchell Report.

DA also discusses the MMQB article about Time Tebow's workout in front of scouts and whether or not the whole thing was rigged.

The guys also discuss the Adam Jones situation in Boston, the Texas Rangers free fall and why Lamar and Lonzo Ball are jackasses. 


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 41: ESPN analyst Pedro Gomez

This week DA and the Greek discuss the firings at ESPN with Pedro Gomez. Pedro talked about how difficult it was to see his friends and colleagues laid off. They also discussed some of the biggest stories in MLB including Eric Thames, Aaron Judge and the Diamondbacks pitching situation.

Other topics in this week's show include:

The Nationals potent offense.

James' desire to run Mets manager Terry Collins out of town.

Patrick Mahomes II being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Lonzo Ball throwing away millions of dollars.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 40: Marlins reliever Brad Ziegler

This week DA and James talk with RP Brad Ziegler of the Miami Marlins. Brad talks about the use of the bullpen in Miami, Christian Yelich's upside and a whole lot more.

Then the guys go around the majors and discuss a plethora of topics.

Topics include:

Pirates OF Starling Marte has been suspended for 80 games for testing positive for PED's. Does baseball still have a steroid problem?

Are Astros SS Carlos Correa and his agent on the same page?

Will Brewers OF Ryan Braun be traded before the end of May? If he is traded is Eric Thames going to pick up the slack?

Are the Yankees for real? Is SP Michael Pineda the most frustrating pitcher in baseball? 

What does "tipping your pitch" mean?


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 39: Former Yankees and Mariners reliever Jeff Nelson

Former Yankees and Mariners reliever Jeff Nelson joins the show this week. He discusses his former teammate Derek Jeter's plans to buy the Miami Marlins, relief pitching and a whole lot more!

The guys start the show by discussing whether or not the Cleveland Indians should be forced to change their logo. The Indians have been around for a long time and baseball is usually hesitant to mess with their history but perhaps it's time for a switch. Then the guys talk about Byron Buxton of the Minnesota Twins. Is it time to use the word "bust" yet? 

DA and James end the show on what could become a very controversial topic. Should there be a statue of Jose Fernandez in Miami?


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 38: Milwaukee Brewers OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis

This week David and James talk with Kirk Nieuwenhuis of the Milwaukee Brewers. Kirk discusses why he plays so much better in Milwaukee, whether or not the Ryan Braun trade rumors are being discussed in the locker room and much more. The guys also talk about the controversy surrounding Yankees prospect Clint Frazier, Garrett Richards latest setback, Derek Jeter's bid to buy the Marlins and a plethora of other topics. And of course, Jackass of the Week.


The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 37: MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent and 2017 MLB predictions

Baseball is finally here and the guys are kicking it off by talking to a man who ran the show, former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent. Fay discusses how to get children more involved in baseball, the suspension of Mets closer Jeurys Familia, gambling on pro sports and a whole lot more. It's one of our favorite interviews. Later, DA and the Greek dust off their crystal balls and look at the 2017 season? Who will win each division? Who will win the World Series? And who will take home some hardware as MVP, Cy Young and Manager of the Year?