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The Bullpen with DA - Ep. 32: Washington Nationals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie

February 26, 2017

The New York Yankees started badmouthing Dellin Betances and his representatives after their arbitration hearing much to the surprise of David Aardsma. DA breaks down the arbitration process and discusses the comments made by Randy Levine and the Yankees organization. Later, James the Greek and DA talk about the new intentional walk rule put in place by the commissioner. Will it actually make a difference in the pace of play problem? Then it's time for this week's interview with Nationals pitcher and sneaker aficionado Jeremy Guthrie. Jeremy talks about his career path, his former teammate Eric Hosmer and his love of Air Jordan's. And of course, no episode would be complete without declaring a "Jackass of the Week."


This week DA and James deliver a bonus video segment on They discuss which teams are on the rise and who will fall in 2017.